Geophysical Logging

Logging is performed with a Century Geophysical logging unit that has a 2300′ draw works capable of reading the following parameters:

  1. Natural Gamma
  2. 16″ Normal Resistivity
  3. 64″ Normal Resistivity
  4. Fluid Resistivity
  5. Lateral Resistivity
  6. Single Point Resistance
  7. Spontaneous Potential
  8. Temperature

Specialty Services

Video Inspections Offering down hole video inspections to 2,000 feet with color and rotating lense. DVD format videos are produced onsite.

Well Removal As chronicled in the National Groundwater Association’s Water Well Journal; a 10″ production well was successfully drilled out removing cement grout, gravel pack, and 10″ steel well screen assembly in 2012.

Deep Drilling A vandalized 1,345 ft. deep well was successfully re-drilled for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, clearing the wood, gravel and other debris of over 30 years time.