Well Drilling

Residential & Commercial Services

  • New and replacement wells
  • Well Cleaning
  • Well Chlorination and Disinfection
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Coastal Plain well drilling to 1200 feet.
  • Cathodic Protection Wells and Coke Breeze Placement
  • Physical and chemical well rehabilitation with brushes, swabs, high pressure rotating jetting device and airlift.
  • Pressure Grouting and Abandonment to 1,000 feet.
  • Down Hole Color Video Inspections
  • Well Relining and Repairing to block off undesirable water quality or failed casing or screen sections.
  • Casing repairs and welding. Pitless unit installation.
  • Fishing for lost pumping equipment or drill string.
  • Onsite drilling management.

Equipment List

  • Custom Built Mud-Rotary drill capable of 1200+ feet coastal plain drilling
  • Smeal 5T Pump Hoist with sandline, 40 ft. mast and 12,000 lb capacity
  • Smeal 6T Pump Hoist with sandline, 40 ft. mast and 12,000 lb capacity
  • Piston Grouter capable of pumping bentonite grouts to 1000+ feet
  • Color downhole video camera, 1000+ feet in depth, onscreen depth display
  • Rehabilitation tools including; brushes, swabs and rotating jetting tool
  • Portable welder and multiple generators

Well Drilling Gallery

Specialty Services